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Thanks for visiting my section of RGBQuest.


I love computers! I've been using computers since 1993 when I got my first 486 with DOS and Windows 3.1. I started building webpages as soon as I got connected to the Internet and discovered a bit about HTML. Ever since then, I've worked at schools under their technical support programs learning about computer hardware, software and internet applications. Currently, I'm employeed at Idaho State University, working under Dr. Corey Schou as a Network System Administrator. I enjoy developing graphics and webpage interfaces for the school (Check out the portfolio or my resume to see some examples).

After I discovered my first computer drawing/paint program. I started learning as much as I could so that I could express my mind's creations as best as possible. I've always been fascinated with art, however, I've never been able to draw by hand. The computer provided me a new medium for my own artistic abilities. Ever since, I've been building and experimenting with graphics and webpages.

Besides computers, I tend to be a creative person and enjoy activities that are based on my inviduality. I play guitar in my spare time, I write poetry, I love downhill snow skiing, I enjoy playing competively in racquetball, and in the summer I love to do a little fly fishing on the south fork of the Snake River.

Use the menu above to learn more about me. Also, I hope you've found our site useful in some way. Either through our links, tutorials, wallpapers, stock photos, or perhaps as a client of ours you've benefited by receiving a new website. Whatever it is, I sincerely appreciate your visit to my humble little corner of RGBQuest.

I received my certification in Adobe Photoshop 5.5 earlier. Feel free to view my transcript.

Thanks for visiting!

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