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Below are some quick tips to help save you time, effort, and energy while using Adobe Photoshop. This collection will grow over time as I see myself finding better and better ways to efficiently get my graphics to do what I want! Please email me any tips or tricks you have that would benefit myself or the graphic arts community.



Use Keyboard shortcuts to save time!
ALT-Backspace --> Fills
CTRL-L --> Access Levels
D --> Default Colors (Black and White)
Quick Type Select Type

Double click on the "T" on your Type layer to automatically select the entire text layer.

Preview - Displaying Professionally
Press TAB and "F" a few times to adjust your image for viewing. Use this to show your boss/team a professional full screen view of your image. Great for interface previewing and art built for a specific resolution. Works similar to a slide show. (Could be used like powerpoint...hmm)
Pixel Ruler
Measure in Pixels for exact sizes. Change your preferences in
EDIT>Preference>Units & Rulers
Use guides by dragging off the ruler. Top for horizontal guides, left side for vertical guides. Turn guides off/on with CTRL-H.
Quick Zoom
Under the Zoom tool (magnifiying glass) click and drag a box around the area you want to zoom in on for instant zooming.
Right Click -> Actual Pixels for quick Zoom Out
Pixel Work
If you work with individual pixels or close zooming, to save time, create a 2nd view. WINDOW -> NEW VIEW, Zoom in one of your views and leave the 2nd at 100%. What you do on the zoomed window will be shown on the 100% window in actual form. No more Zoom in, zoom out, zoom in. Cool huh?
Pan around the image Press Spacebar while dragging the cursor in the document
Quick Magnifying CTRL + Spacebar while working invokes the magnifying glass for quick zoomin/outs
Web Gallery

Have a lot of images to display? Use Photoshop's image gallery to build a webpage of images that are thumbnailed for you.
FILE -> Automate -> Web Images Gallery

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